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Spiritual Psychic Readings

Spiritual Psychic Readings can be a blessing, coming from a place of peace and love at Horvathhomes we make and create an environment that you will call home for the rest of your spiritual adventure. Knowing that not all psychics are created equal we have created one of the most grueling training programs available for any psychic to be put through before they start working for us. We give you the choice of receiving the best spiritual guides available in NZ. Our guides have all been handpicked and we have a minimum requirement of 7 years experience before any psychic is allowed to work for our organization. We think highly of experience in this arena as simply there are too many wanna be readers in NZ.

Does your psychic really care?

We guarantee your psychic will care, not all psychics have the same skill set! Some people are just more experienced or have a better natural ability than others. This is a normal phenonium in life. However, we carefully pick those only who truly care. A psychic generally becomes a psychic because they care and want to help you live a much better life. By using one of our expert mediums we guarantee you a level of hope and happiness not yet seen in the spiritual world. We aim to make horvathhomes your go to whenever you’re in need of a powerful psychic medium.

Our Spiritual Expert

At $3.96 per minute, our spiritual guides are some of the most well-priced experts in the world.

We believe in service, quality of psychics and good old fashioned business manners our expert clairvoyants will be there with you every step of the way to guide you to a better you. We provide readings for love, travel, romance, money and even sport. You would be amazed at how many people engage a powerful medium for the purpose of sport it is a new trend that does not look like calming anytime soon.

Being a powerful guide for someone else’s life has a high degree of responsibility attached to it and we hope that all our readers come across as caring humans. If you have any complaints we want to hear about those issues immediately and have you the client receive service you are more than happy with.