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We provide a free support hotline for all Psychics

At Horvathhomes we provide a free support hotline for psychics NZ and the general public. If you unsure of anything regarding the psychic world we are more than happy to help. Often if you are a member of the general public your questions may be aimed towards what is the best type of psychic I should be seeing or I have been seeing someone who keeps getting everything wrong could they be a fraud?

We endeavor to help regardless of your situation, however, our time is limited to 7 minutes per phone call due to the overwhelming demand for the support service. Unfortunately, this is not a free clairvoyant reading and we will only answer certain questions in relation to general inquiries. We believe our services are simply the best in the market bar none and we are here to help every step of the way. If you have a serious inquiry you feel is not able to be answered anywhere else and you need it answered before moving forward and using psychics services we are happy to help wherever we can.

Free Service for psychics

If you’re a psychic expert and have a question we are more than happy to help. A question someone might have working within the industry is how do I get extra training? What would you do if someone told me about a serious crime?


Although the industry is not heavily regulated there are still certain laws and regulations a powerful clairvoyants NZ has to abide by.  We believe in playing by the rules and providing support to all crystal ball gazers, mediums, clairvoyants, tarot card readers and spiritual guides. If you have ever had doubts about your past leave those doubts at the door we are real, fun, caring and available to those in need.

To access our services is easy just simply call our number and ask for a reading from the psychic of your choice, we are here to help. If you have received a reading you are not happy with we also want to hear your complaint. Receiving a high-quality service is what our business is all about and we want you to make our page your home when you turn to someone for a real clairvoyant call.

If you believe a medium is a phony

PIf you believe a psychic is a fake we are happy to hear your feedback and investigate on your behalf because our industry is not heavily regulated there are many in the field who are strictly there to take the money and have absolutely no special powers.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do except put them on our wall of shame (soon to be released). We will ring the psychic and speak to them asking certain questions to check them out.